1. We are committed to feminism inasmuch as it comforts, aids, and supports women, people of color, sex workers, trans + genderqueer folk, disabled people, and those whose bodies and identities fall beyond the limiting scope of “respectability” under patriarchy.
  2. We are unequivocally: pro-PoC, pro-Black Lives Matter, pro-immigrant, pro-indigenous, pro-queer, pro-disabled people, pro-choice, pro-trans, and pro-sex worker, with room for sex positivity and sex negativity. We celebrate and critique kink in equal measure. We believe in safe spaces though we can’t ensure that our site will always be one.
  3. Lists aren’t inherently bad; they’re a tool, like any media. We emphatically encourage you to bring whatever tools you have to our cause, be it fetish fiction, obscure sports journalism or yes, even listicles.
  4. Infighting amongst the dispossessed is integral to the stability of patriarchy. We offer no quarter to people who punch down. We trust people to call out supremacy in their own communities.
  5. We reject the idea that being compensated for your labor somehow taints the moral or political value of it. Those with means are accountable for applying those means towards change. To that end, we will post regular reports of wages paid out, the backgrounds/demographics of those whose work was paid for within a particular period, and engage in inquiry with our readership to make our publication the most effective it can be.
  6. Accountability is a mutual, collaborative process. We are accountable for supporting, mentoring, and when appropriate protecting our contributors, who are in turn accountable for supporting each other and using the space we provide not to harm other marginalized people. Our community is thus then obliged to signal boost and engage with content that resonates with them. Sustainability is not a resource you can mine.
  7. Resistance isn’t fair; appealing to a shaky moral or ethical high ground is a means for the oppressor to arrest progress. We endorse the use of infiltration, bribery, leaking, whistleblowing, and good ol’ detective work in exposing and challenging capitalism, white supremacy, and gentrification. We’re not balanced. We’re not objective. We know what business we’re in.
  8. We will take back, and then over.